Business Law

For business owners large and small, comprehensive business planning and legal solutions are essential to profitability. A variety of issues can impact the profitability and stability of a business.

Our office assists businesses in a range of industries with business and commercial law services, including:

Contracts and Transactions

We provide knowledgeable and reliable legal counsel to business owners in negotiating, formulating and documenting contracts and transactions. We want to help you be confident in your decision when the contract is finalized.

Mergers and Acquisitions

When contemplating game-changing strategic transactions, businesses routinely seek out an experienced law firm to structure, negotiate, and close their deals.

We represent buyers, sellers, public and private operating companies, private equity firms, and other financial sponsors, boards of directors, special committees, and management buyout groups in a transaction.

Nonprofit and Entities

Nonprofit organizations face distinct challenges. They tackle some of the greatest social problems in our society. They educate, take care of the sick and the indigent, advocate, facilitate, volunteer, build communities, promote religion and science, and fundraise all in ways that the private sector and government cannot.  And they must navigate a labyrinth of legal rules and public policies that in many cases are unique to the nonprofit sector.

Corporate and LLC Formation

Every business owner should carefully consider the advantages of incorporating, setting up a Limited Liability Company (LLC), or using another type of business entity. Incorporation offers a variety of tax advantages, liability protection, flexibility of management, and most importantly provides protection for business owners.

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