Contract Law

If you are your business is involved in a contract dispute that may require the litigation of a breach of contract claim, we can help. We will work diligently to help seek the best possible results on your behalf.

We have provided counsel to businesses and individuals regarding the following types of agreements (and more):

Employment Contracts

We are aggressive about protecting our clients from entering into agreements that are unfair or that could later prevent them from working in their chosen profession. We counsel clients not to sign any agreements without speaking to an attorney first because these provisions can be overbroad and unreasonable. 

Real Estate Contracts

We can negotiate, draft and review contracts and agreements for the type of real estate matter that you may be involved in. Whether you are a lender, seller, buyer, landlord, or tenant, your real estate matter is important to us.

Business Contracts

Contracts are the foundation of all business transactions. Whether you are buying goods or selling services, a contract is there to protect the parties involved and clearly define the terms and conditions of the business relationship or transaction.

Contracts can be verbal or written. But for the purposes of protecting yourself and your business, we cannot stress enough the importance of putting contractual agreements in writing.

Commercial Contracts

Companies deal on a daily basis with a myriad of relationships and contracts that bind them to their suppliers, customers, licensors, distributors, and other strategic partners. Our Commercial Contracts practice helps structure these relationships and guide clients through the complexities to ensure their contracts provide the necessary framework for success.

Lease Agreements

At some point in their lives, a majority of people will need to sign a lease, either for residential purposes such as renting a house or apartment, or commercial purposes for business space. While some leases are straightforward, others can be highly complex.

We provide legal representation to lessees and lessors throughout Georgia entering into lease agreements.

Non-compete agreements

Non-Competes have become commonplace in the workplace and can be burdensome to employees and an effective way for employers to protect their business, employees, confidential information and trade secrets.

You should contact an experienced employment attorney if you have questions regarding non-compete agreements.

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